We promise to provide world-class service and
expertise to every medical and dental client.

We promise to provide world-class service and expertise to every medical and dental client.

Real Estate
Representing Buyers and Sellers, Tenants and Landlords; Real Estate Development; Property and Asset Management; Project Management.

Expert Advice in Real Estate and Personal Finance; Business Analysis and Operations; Practice Transitions; Loan Strategies and Negotiations.

Helping clients avoid critical mistakes. Suitability and Vetting of Project or Business 3rd Party Service Providers; Accountability Standards; 3rd Party Management and Oversight.

Our Services

Our clients are often seeking help with

  • Starting a medical or dental practice
  • Leasing space for a startup or relocation
  • Buying a building or office condo for their practice
  • A doctor or dentist buying land and developing a building
  • Purchasing a medical or dental practice
  • A doctor or dentist selling or leasing their building or office condo

Contact us to learn more about these services and other services we offer.

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How we get results

Experience.  Expertise.  Service.  Our process has proven instrumental in achieving superior results for our clients.
Our commitment to excellence is never compromised.


We can’t help our clients if we don't know our clients. Understanding a client's unique goals and motivations is an important first step.


We complete a thorough analysis and evaluation so that clients can see the full scope of the project, including the risks and financial commitment.


We develop a client-tailored action plan with specific strategies to achieve the client's desired goals.


We utilize a best-in-class suite of products and industry resources to implement the plan and deliver exceptional results.

"Robert's expertise in the dental field, specifically within the real estate sector, is incredible. He helped me move my practice into a new ground-up office, as well as secure tenants for my existing location that I vacated. One of his greatest resources is not only helping guide you through the process, but also to introduce you to other service providers to aid in the transition.  I would also highly recommend using Robert for a retainer-based financial planner. This model is different from commission or fee-based financial planning, and I believe it offers unbiased opinions on financial products and strategies. When he provides advice there's no conflict of interest."

Dr. Nathan Harris
Harris Orthodontics

"RCA Global has been the best to work with!  As a young professional, I knew owning my building for my office would be a great way to accelerate my wealth, but making that happen while running a dental practice was overwhelming.  Robert and his team made that dream come true.  It would not have happened without them.  I now have a 9,000 sq ft building with a pad site for a 6,000 sq ft building ready for sale or lease.  However, the best thing about Robert is his integrity.  He cares for his clients and wants them to succeed.  He truly is an advocate.  RCA Global Partners is a key part of my team and I am grateful for their help and support."

Jeffrey H. Ludlow, DDS
Anna Dental

"Robert not only helped find me a great location, but he was also vital in the negotiation process for securing the space. I was confident with the location we found because Robert had thoroughly presented demographics for the area. After my location was secured Robert continued to be a valuable resource in helping me make contact with other vendors/suppliers that I needed to work with. In addition, he provided valuable feedback on my office layout and design from his experience with working with other startup practices. Throughout the process I knew that if I had a problem with my contractor, landlord, etc. Robert was always there as an advocate for me. Robert’s experience and reputation helped me bring my goal to fruition. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to open a practice."

Paul Field, DDS
Shoreline Pediatric Dentistry
Expertise, experience, and service

The easiest way healthcare professionals buy, sell, and lease real estate

We lend our expertise to healthcare clients that need commercial real estate services, integrating their real estate and financing needs into their long term business and personal financial plans.

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