Our proven process is what guarantees
expectional work

Our success, and more importantly our client’s success, is derived in part from the process we use when working with clients.  No matter the type of engagement, through Discovery, Assessment, Recommendations, and Execution, our process has proven instrumental in fulfilling our mission.

It works like this…

Step 1: Discovery

We can’t help our clients if we don’t know our clients.We ask a lot of questions, questions to seek clarity and understanding of both the qualitative and quantitative data.  This allows us to learn about the client’s unique facts and circumstances, their goals and objectives, as well as their concerns, challenges, or constraints. We also answer a lot of questions. Our best clients are informed clients!  We are committed to educating our clients so they’re engaged in the process and can make informed decisions.

  • Questionnaires & Fact Finding
  • Data Gathering
  • Goal Setting
  • Industry terms and definitions
  • A behind the scenes look
Step 2: Assessment

This critical step is important to determine the client’s capacity, both financially as well as emotionally, to meet their goal or objective. In addition to financial analysis, evaluating current and future market conditions, project timing, and other variables will assist in determining the proverbial “Go or No Go”. In the end, we don’t want our client losing sleep over their decisions or placing unnecessary stress on themselves and family.

  • Capital Needs Analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Goal Setting
  • Cash Flow Pro-forma or Projections
  • RCA Money™
Step 3: Recommendations

This is simple. Develop strategies to meet the client’s objectives while mitigating risk and liability.

  • Formal Project (or Financial) Plan
Step 4: Execution

We bring a robust, best in class, suite of resources and services to deliver exceptional results. In addition to our own proprietary tools, we utilize some of the very tools and resources that fortune 500 companies use.

  • Demographic Reporting
  • Consumer Behavioral Analysis
  • Dynamic Site Criteria Analysis™
  • Market Survey and Evaluation
  • Dynamic Site Analysis™
  • RCA Money™

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