Building a new dental office is stressful at best, but Robert Armstrong made the experience of building a new office incredible.”

Diane L. Lide, DDS, Frisco Pediatric Dentistry

Real Estate

Representing Buyers and Sellers, Tenants and Landlords; Real Estate Development; Property and Asset Management; Project Management.



Expert Advice in Real Estate and Personal Finance; Business Analysis and Operations; Practice Transitions.



Suitability and Vetting of Project or Business 3rd Party Service Providers; Accountability Standards; 3rd Party Service Provider Liaison and Oversight.


How we get results

Experience.  Expertise.  Service.  Our process has proven instrumental in achieving superior results for our clients.
Our commitment to excellence is never compromised.


We can’t help our clients if we don't know our clients. Understanding a client's unique goals and motivations is an important first step.


We complete a thorough analysis and evaluation so that clients can see the full scope of the project, including the risks and financial commitment.


We develop a client-tailored action plan with specific strategies to achieve the client's desired goals.


We utilize a best-in-class suite of products and industry resources to implement the plan and deliver exceptional results.

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