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Robert's expertise in the dental field, specifically within the real estate sector, is incredible. He helped me move my practice into a new ground-up office, as well as secure tenants for my existing location that I vacated. One of his greatest resources is not only helping guide you through the process, but also to introduce you to other service providers to aid in the transition.  I would also highly recommend using Robert for a retainer-based financial planner. This model is different from commission or fee-based financial planning, and I believe it offers unbiased opinions on financial products and strategies. When he provides advice there's no conflict of interest.
Dr. Nathan Harris, Harris Orthodontics
Building a new dental office is stressful at best, but Robert Armstrong made the experience of building a new office incredible. He is not only extremely knowledgeable about the many facets of the process, he is willing to go above and beyond in every capacity to make the experience as smooth as possible. He started as my real estate broker, helping me find a location for my new office. But the role expanded and branched out into many other areas. He introduced me to a great banker and helped secure my loan. He helped me form a team of people including my architect, designer, contractor, consultant, attorney, and even my accountant. I learned to go to him for advice and counsel about many things during the process. I have been in my new office for 9 months and it’s amazing. I know without a doubt that without Robert’s help, my office and experience would not be even close to the incredible thing it is. I highly recommend him to anyone!
Diane L. Lide, DDS, Frisco Pediatric Dentistry
I was at a dental meeting and a young dentist came up to me and said, “oh, you’re Dr. Wiese! I told my husband I found the perfect spot for a new office and when he drove by, your sign was already up!” Dental office space is a premium in new areas. I had a practice in the same location for 20+ years and I wanted a better location with more visibility. Robert was able to find me a great location–before it was built. Robert stayed with me through the process and kept me out of trouble, (well, best he could). This is not a game for dentists, let the pros handle it.
Robert G Wiese, DDS, Wiese Dental
Since the first meeting with Robert, he was very professional and informative. He was always available to meet at my most convenient time and in every meeting he was punctual and very productive. At the time I decided to open a second office, I was running a busy practice and Robert made it possible for me to stay focused on my patient’s needs while he did all the hard work. He gave me plenty of options on locations and really understood my vision for this new office. I had issues with the construction company and landlord and he helped expedite those issues. Now that the office is open, he still periodically keeps in touch to help out. Great experience overall.
Jaime Villarreal DDS
Lakeshore Dental
Upon initially meeting Robert I could tell he cared about my vision and my practice. He sensed immediately that the location had to be supported with more than statistics. I was the type of client that needed to walk away with a certain feeling that this was the one. He hit the nail on the head! I love my location in Frisco Square. Robert has been there every step of the way, and even with our doors open he is still involved with the office. If you are deciding on who will best represent your needs and interest as a business owner you cannot go wrong with Robert. He understands the passion dentists have for their profession and how much the location and set up determine your success. I would recommend him again and again…
Dr. Camelia Cooper, DDS, Sweet Tooth Dental Loft
RCA Global has been the best to work with!  As a young professional, I knew owning my building for my office would be a great way to accelerate my wealth, but making that happen while running a dental practice was overwhelming.  Robert and his team made that dream come true.  It would not have happened without them.  I now have a 9,000 sq ft building with a pad site for a 6,000 sq ft building ready for sale or lease.  However, the best thing about Robert is his integrity.  He cares for his clients and wants them to succeed.  He truly is an advocate.  RCA Global is a key part of my team and I am grateful for their help and support.
Jeffrey H. Ludlow, DDS, Anna Dental
Deciding to open an office was a huge decision for me. It was daunting to think of all the things that go into the process, but I knew it was what I wanted to do. I spoke with a number of my colleagues who had gone through the process and many of them had used and recommended Robert. At our first meeting, he took time to listen to my vision for the office, what general location I was interested in, and the timeline I was working with. He helped me understand the steps that go into the process and assured me that he would be there to advise me the entire time. Robert not only helped find me a great location, but he was also vital in the negotiation process for securing the space. I was confident with the location we found because Robert had thoroughly presented demographics for the area. After my location was secured Robert continued to be a valuable resource in helping me make contact with other vendors/suppliers that I needed to work with. In addition, he provided valuable feedback on my office layout and design from his experience with working with other startup practices. Throughout the process I knew that if I had a problem with my contractor, landlord, etc. Robert was always there as an advocate for me. Robert’s experience and reputation helped me bring my goal to fruition. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to open a practice.
Paul Field, DDS, Shoreline Pediatric Dentistry
Working with Robert Armstrong on my dental practice acquisition was a great experience. If you’re wondering how it would be working with Robert, here’s what I have found beneficial…Always on time; Always prepared; Follows up with whomever you need to follow up to get the job done; Made sure of my best interest; Did exactly what I needed and asked of him from day one; Not pushy; Helped me to ask the right questions to be on the right track; Did virtually everything for me without stressing about it. I’d highly recommend Robert for your dental real estate or acquisition needs.
Dr. Marjan Adami, North Dallas
Periodontics & Implant Center
Working with Robert was the best business decision I could have made! Robert helped me locate a space for my office and helped me negotiate a favorable lease. Robert was also instrumental in putting together my team (contractor, supplier, CPA, lawyer, etc.) to ensure that I would be successful. He has been my advocate during the process and continues to check up on us. His customer service is second to none!
Dustin McCammon, DMD, Parkview Dental
It has been a pleasure working with Robert Armstrong for my startup orthodontics practice. Robert was so helpful researching the demographics and growth and pointing me in the right direction. Once I found a location I was interested in, he was instrumental in finding me a space to lease when it looked like there was nothing available.  He actually identified a lease space during the planning phase, finding me the perfect opportunity in the perfect location. Robert has always been readily available to assist me with any questions and concerns throughout all phases of the startup process, even after the lease was signed. He has been a great resource to get me in touch with the right people to help me make this process easier. Even after opening, he is still checking up to see how things are progressing and helping me in any way possible. I would highly recommend Robert. Once you become a client, he is there to help you forever.
Bryan Hsu, DDS, MS, Smile Makers Orthodontics

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